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being romantically frustrated is 1000000 worse than being sexually frustrated because you can get yourself off but you can’t spoon with yourself and kiss your own forehead

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7 deadly sins. put one in my ask.

Lust:Something that I find attractive.
Pride:Something that I like about myself.
Sloth:Something that I dislike about myself.
Envy:Something I wish I was better at.
Gluttony:One of my favorite foods.
Wrath:Something that gets me angry.
Greed:Something I can’t get enough of.





It’s a mix of hell and outer space.

how are u going to tell me mermaids dont exist then 

i think this is the creepiest post i’ve ever seen.

wow. yup. basically why I stay out of the ocean for the most part. if the shallows bother me…. then….

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♥ embroidery for the ignorant ♥

these make me want to smile & cry at the same time. so good.

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